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When your car needs a helping hand, Paul’s Auto Service in Kingston can be regarded as the trusted friends you and your car can rely on. We strive to ensure that our customers are always met with quality repair and maintenance services for all their car needs. Our team of mechanics are dedicated to delivering outstanding solutions so that you can depend on your car to get you from where you are to where you need to be, every time!

Our Services

Dedicated To Providing The Best Services On All Vehicles

Top-Quality Auto Maintenance And Repair By Our Experienced Team

Oil & Filter Change

With every 5,000 Km on the clock (depending on your vehicle and driving habits), you need to make sure that your car gets an oil change. This will help keep it running smoothly. What's more, you’ll keep the bill on your service and maintenance low. 

Why Tune-Ups?

Having belts, hoses, spark plugs and other components well maintained will keep it in optimal condition. Our team handles regular tune-ups so that you don’t have to worry about the condition of your car. Bring yours in today. 

Warranty Maintenance, Check

Ignoring the condition your car is in has more consequences than you can imagine. Ignoring your car’s warranty by not having routine services is also a mistake you don’t want to take. Keep the integrity of your warranty by giving us a call, and we’ll tell you all about our services.

Air Conditioning Services For The Ultimate Comfort

You know how hot it can get in Kingston. Have you made sure that your air conditioning system will withstand the seasonal heat? Get cool and enjoy breezy drives by having our mechanics inspect all the air con components in your car today.

Brakes and Pads

After some time, your brake pads will get worn out. We know this. We’re drivers too. What sets us apart is that we know how to check, repair, and maintain them so that you’re safe on the road. Keep your family and loved ones safe – let’s get your brakes and pads checked out.

What’s A Car Without Reliable Tires?

From balancing to rotation and replacements, we handle tire repairs and maintenance so that you can get from point A to point B reliably and safely!

  Major Car Services

You can rely on us to perform all your major services. Our reputation among clients sets us apart. We’re a Kingston top choice for major service offerings that include maintenance, repairs and specialties for enhanced performance.

Car Repairs And Maintenance
When your car needs repairing and maintenance, our workshop mechanics will carry out the work you need done on your vehicle. With the knowledge and expertise they have, they know how to get your car efficiently operating for all kinds of trips and use. 

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Before Hitting The Brakes, Is Your Car Keeping You Safe?

A drive around Kingston and the rolling hills beyond is one of the most relaxing experiences you and your family can have. However, this is only when your safety and that of others is taken into account.
Many drivers aren’t aware of how important routine brake inspections are. Most accidents are caused by faulty brakes, and we know you don’t want to experience the trauma that comes with being in an accident. To prevent this, make sure to book your car in for brake inspections, maintenance, and repairs before your brakes let you down.

Repairs And Replacements Done Right!

Want to keep your car repair expenses down?

Whether your car needs to repair or replace its brakes pads, disks, fuel injection pumps, carburetor, water pump, spark plugs, power steering, wheel bearing, CV joints or air conditioning, we’re experts at replacing and, or, repairing any issues your car may be experiencing. Our car care services ensure that we leave no car part unturned, and our workshop has the latest and advanced equipment and hands to go where most wouldn’t dare!

In addition to our repair and replacement services, we perform diagnostics and will provide you with a full report on our inspections so that you’re clear with what condition your car is in. Let us have a thorough look at your car before issues become a huge expense. 

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Car Diagnostic Tests Done By Expert Mechanics

Bring Your Car in for Diagnostics and Emergency Services

A sign that your car isn’t well is when the check engine light comes on. A quick diagnostic test can be just the thing to pinpoint problems your vehicle has. Using systems that are linked to your car’s computer processor, microchips, sensors, and logging we’re able to see problems or issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye.
One of our technicians may take the car for a road test and visual inspection to make sure that these issues exist. If necessary other tests may be carried out to see what’s troubling your car.
Our goal is to get you back on the road as soon as possible.​


Price includes HST and is for 5L of Regular Oil (PLUS OUR COMPREHENSIVE 15-POINT INSPECTION)


Car Myths That People Believe That Aren’t Necessarily True

“Idling is cheaper than switching my car on and off.”

If you leave your car idling for longer than 10 seconds (according to a report issued by the Environmental Defense Fund), turning off your engine when stationary will save on gas and overall engine wear.

Contrary to popular belief, restarting your car does not burn more gas than if you left it idling. 

“Regular tune-ups extend the lifespan of my car.”

Any professional and experienced mechanic knows that engines are made up of various complex components, and they all work and are powered by internal machinery that requires routine maintenance. As crucial as tune-ups are, you may not always need to have a service every six months. This is mainly because newer cars are operated by computer systems to keep them optimal. Tune-ups are only crucial for checking belts, fluids, and so forth, every 50 000 kilometres or so.

“I need to change my engine oil every 5000 Km.”  

Today, engine oil lasts much longer than it did in the past. However, you want to look at it. The fact is that today’s car uses advanced oil technology that can last up to 15,000 miles without needing an oil change. One thing to keep in mind, though is that not all car types and driving styles are the same. Make sure you understand your car make or better yet, come to our shop so we can guide you.

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Your Auto Care Clinic In Kingston

From Chrysler, Ford and GM, Audi and Honda to Mercedes Benz, Toyota and Volvo, Domestic and Foreign we handle them all. Our policy reassures you that we’ll give you a better service for your car than you can ever imagine. Honesty, transparency, and fairness are what drive us. From reasonable prices to how we talk to you when you come in, we’ll make sure that we take care of you and your car.

We have been doing this and loving it since 2010!

Our centre handles all our car services, repairs, and maintenance on all car models regardless of where they come from. We offer outstanding customer care and pride ourselves on providing the best car care possible at competitive rates. 

This is where quality meets affordability!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s wrong with my car? It won’t start! 

Your battery might be the cause of this. It may not have enough charge in it. Have you tried switching on the lights and radio? Are they working? If they aren’t, then your battery might be flat. Before anything, check your owner’s manual on how to jumpstart your car. 

Remember that the problem won’t go away so you'll need the help of professionals. That’s why we’re here!

What’s that funny sound coming from my car when I hit the brake? What do I need to do?

Your brake pads are probably worn out. You need to bring your car in ASAP so our mechanics can have a look. They might need to repair or replace your brakes. Faulty brake pads are dangerous and costly to replace, so avoid this by having us inspect your car. 

What do I need to have checked before going on a road trip?

The minimum things you need to have checked include your lights, indicators, water levels, oil levels, tires, and brakes. Bringing your car in is your best bet because our technicians are more experienced and know exactly what to look for to identify problems and fix them.

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