Brake Repair


Your brake system is a complex combination of hardware, hoses, fluids, hydraulics and calipers. Depending on your vehicle, your brake system could be composed of pads and rotors or shoes and drums.

At Paul’s Auto, we offer brake services where we are able to clean and adjust the brake rotors, pads and service the calipers to keep your braking system functioning accordingly.

Sometimes a brake service is not enough and the parts need to be replaced. Our technicians will install your new brake system components on your vehicle, ensure everything is running as it should, confirm with a test drive and keep you stopping on a dime to keep you and your vehicle safe

Top Warning Sign

If this light comes on your dash, this is the indicator for your brakes. Bringing your vehicle in can determine if your brakes need a service or replacement.

Two Types of Car Brake Systems

Premium long lasting performance for your car

In case you are interested, here are basic diagrams of a Hydraulic Disc Brake System and a Hydraulic Drum Brake System.  Remember, that our mechanics are familiar with braking systems and are expert in repairing your brakes quickly and efficiently.

How Hydraulic-Drum-Brakes-Work
How Hydraulic Disc Brakes Work


Your brakes are one of the most important safety components in your vehicle

The best way to prevent expensive brake repairs is to get regular inspections and maintenance. Getting to know your vehicle, and how it should feel and sound will help you know when your brakes may need service

Brakes Lights On

If your brake indicator light is on, your vehicle may need a brake service or new parts.

Wobbling, Vibration and Scraping

There are several reasons including rusting rotors, brake caliper or slider pin is sticking or seized.

Wobbling, Vibration and Pulsation

There are several reasons including rusty rotors, brake calipers seizing, slider pins sticking could all be factors that your vehicle needs to have the brakes inspected.

Leaking Fluid

Sometimes a brake pedal feels "soft" or "hard" this could be an indication of a brake fluid leak, or your brakes needing a service

Grinding, scraping or screeching

Grinding, screeching and scraping noises could all be indicators that your brakes parts are needing to be replaced.

Grinding, scraping or screeching

If you are hearing a grinding, scraping or metal on metal noise, your brake compounds could be to a point where they are rubbing on one another and need to be replaced.