Wheel Alignment


Wheel Alignments are a service that adjusts the angle of the wheels so your car drives straight without pulling to one side or another.

Hitting a curb or pot hole hard enough can ruin the alignment on your car. This causes uneven tread wear on your tires and shortens the life of the tires, as well as potentially causing damage to other steering components of your vehicle.

If you are noticing your vehicle is pulling to the right or left, there is unusual tire wear or noise or the steering just doesn’t seem right, bring your vehicle in, our technicians will take a look and determine if an alignment will help set your vehicle straight

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6 Signs That Your Car Needs A Wheel Alignment

Uneven or rapid tire wear

You will be able to see that your tires are worn more on one side than the other or your tires seem to be wearing quickly.


Test your car on an even surface and away from other vehicles. If your car is in motion and is pulling or drifting to the left or right while driving, you will need service .

Bumpy and Shaky Turns

If your wheels are aligned, turning your vehicle should be smooth. If your vehicle shakes or feels bumpy, this could be a sign that your wheels are not aligned.

Steering Wheel not aligned

When you adjust your steering wheel to point straight and your wheels are not pointing in the same direction.

Using more Gas

If your car's weight isn't distributed properly because your tires are not aligned, it is possible that your car will have to work harder and consume more gas.


The steering wheel vibrates when travelling at highway speeds. This happens because misaligned wheels pull against each other.