Battery & Alternator


Your battery provides electricity so that you can start your car.  While your vehicle is runnig, the alternator sends currents to keep the battery charged.  Having issues with your battery is usually not as serious as a failing alternator but both need to be addressed.  If your  faulty alternator is not replaced, it will continue to drain your battery, even if your battery is new.

Is your vehicle having issues starting? Is it taking more then one turn of the key, or is there a lagging feeling before it actually starts? These are potential signs that your vehicle could be having battery or alternator issues.

Bringing your vehicle into the shop, our technicians will confirm by testing and scanning what the issue is and make sure your vehicle is repaired and starting with no issues.

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Dashboard indicator light

If the "GEN" or "ALT" light is on, do not ignore it. It is often the first sign that your alternator is failing. Bring your vehicle to us and we will diagnose the error.

Random electrical problems

If your car is having problems with vehicle systems such as power windows, power locks, AC system, radio or dashboard lights, the alternator may not be providing enough power.

Battery Dead

The alternator recharges your battery, If your battery goes dead even after you boost it, this could be a failing alternator.

Flickering or dim headlights

Your vehicle alternator provides power to the headlights. If your headlight are flickering or are dim, this may mean you have a problem with the alternator

Funny or strange sounds

You know your car best, how it moves and how it sounds. If you notice unusual sounds under the hood, it could mean that the alternator is causing bearings to fail in the engine.

Car is hard to start or stalls

When your alternator is failing, there may not be enough power to spark the plugs that ignite the gasoline in your engine, If there is not enough power in the spark plugs to keep the engine running, your car may stall.