Oil Change & Filter


Check your owners manual to learn how and when you should self check your oil.   It is an easy task to perform and vitally important. During regular oil checks you can visually see if your oil is not healthy for your car.

Dirty or low oil will cause engine and car problems. Good Clean Oil improves the performance of your car and can extend the life of your engine. That is why it is so important to bring your car in regularly for an Oil Change & Filter.

We go beyond just changing your oil and Filter.  We also perform our 15 Point Comprehensive Inspection.  This is important because it helps us to identify potential areas  of concern.  This is turn helps us proactively address repair issues now before they become costly.

Its all About the Oil

There are many things to consider in regards to oil changes and oil types. It can be confusing to know how to do it, what type of oil to use and how often. We can help you figure it all out.


Everyone likes to Save Money.  First you will save money with our  economical Oil and Filter change service, with a comprehensive 15-point inspection. Then you save money on gas mileage and potential costly repairs that you avoided with your Timely Oil and Filter Change


Price includes HST, environmental fee, and 5L of regular oil PLUS OUR COMPREHENSIVE 15-POINT INSPECTION


Oil changes are inexpensive and really quick to complete so it makes sense to make sure your car is getting an oil change and filter on a regular basis.

Check Engine or Oil Change Light

If your oil light comes on, your car is warning you that your oil and filter situation is getting critical.

Dark Thick or Dirty Oil

If your oil is not a clear amber colour, it means that the oil is collecting and depositing particles from the engine.

Smoke from Exhaust Pipes

It is normal to have a light vapor from your tailpipes but if it turns to smoke, you definitely have a problem.

Noisy or Knocking Engine Sounds

Your engine is thirsty for clean oil. If there is not enough good lubrication, engine parts will begin to rub together.

Smell of Oil inside Car

If you can smell oil inside your car, it may mean that you have a leak. If you also smell gas and fumes your car may be overheating.

Travelled More than Usual

If you have racked up more miles than usual in a time period, you should consider getting an oil change sooner.