Tire Replacement & Repairs


Your tires play a huge  role in the function of your vehicle. They keep your car in motion and have many under body components that are connected to the tires.

Keeping your tires in good shape by monitoring the tire tread, PSI and overall condition can keep your vehicle running reliably for much longer.

Making sure you are seasonally changing your tires will help ensure you are safe on the road during transitioning weather and you have the proper tread to make sure you are travelling safely to your destinations.

Tire Repairs Service Kingston


Uneven Tire Wear

If you notice one side of your tires wearing more quickly, this could indicate a more serious problem like wheel alignment. Bring your vehicle to us and we will inspect and diagnose your tire issue.

Bulges in Tire Rim

Bulges can occur when your tire bumps against potholes and other road issues. A significant impact can cause a tear in the lining where air escape causing a bulge.

Over/Under Inflated Tires

If your tires are worn only in the middle, your tires were over inflated. When tires are under inflated, the inside and outside edges will be more worn than the middle.

Low Tread Depth

Your treads need a good tread to maintain grip on the road and to clear away water and debris while moving. We can inspect your tires for a safe tread depth.

Tire Punctures

At one point in your life you are bound to get sharp object likes nails and metal stuck in your tire. If the object creates a puncture larger than 1/4 in, this cannot be safely repaired and a visit to our shop is required.

Tires Losing Air

If your tires are losing air more often with no obvious problems like a puncture or crack, this could be a broken tire valve, corrosion damage to rim, or a mounting problem in the case of new tires.