Are my tires properly inflated?

How do I know if my tire pressure is correct?

1. Grab a tire pressure gauge, if you are travelling, you can go to a gas station which would have an air station for you to check and fill your tires.
2. Unscrew the end caps from your tire’s air valves.
3. Press the tire pressure gauge into the air valve to get a reading.
4. Compare the pounds per square inch (PSI) reading to the recommended amount for your vehicle. If you are unsure of where to find the proper PSI for your tires, you can check the drivers door for a sticker with the related information for your tires. You can also check your vehicles manual for the proper PSI for your tires.

The photo shows how your tires will look being properly inflated, overly inflated or not enough air in them to drive safely.

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